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Lindstrom focuses on a comprehensive line of metric fasteners ranging from hex head and socket head cap screws to thread forming screws, nylon insert locknuts, lock washers and groove pins. Most are available in steel (plain, zinc plated, yellow zinc plated) as well as stainless steel and brass.

Lindstrom markets its fasteners exclusively through distributors. Our loyalty to those distributors has produced an extremely effective marketing team. Distributors are able to promptly supply their customers with top quality metric fasteners at competitive prices.

Lindstrom distributors are also able to take advantage of a program unique to our company. This program allows our distributors to respond quickly to their customers' urgent requirements for special fasteners. Due to our close, long-term relationships with key metric fastener producers and stockists in Europe, Lindstrom has direct computer access to their live inventory data and can rapidly access special fasteners. Orders for special fasteners placed with Lindstrom by Wednesday are forwarded to the manufacturer and shipped airfreight by Friday. By the following Tuesday, they are at our New York facility and within 24 hours are enroute to the distributor. This program enables our distributors to receive their orders on special fasteners within 7 to 10 working days.

Lindstrom was founded in 1972 and because of the work of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, has risen to preeminence in the metric fastener market. The management team at Lindstrom brings our customers over 180 years of experience in metric fasteners. That team is supported by 30 experienced and customer focused inside sales specialists and 30 equally experienced and dedicated outside sales representatives. The professional staff at Lindstrom are knowledgeable in every aspect of the metric fastener industry.